Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Come to know the fresh bridal beauty tips that can help you planning your wedding easier, a flawless clear skin for the auspicious occasion and will be noticed forever in the photos for a lifetime.  Leaving everything, dear upcoming brides just consider on the makeup. Follow these beauty and makeup tips to look charming and stunning on the special day.

It is advised to have a hydrating and exfoliating facial with peptide for plumping and radiance is a mandatory thing. After regular pre bridal facial sittings, it makes easier for you to glow tremendously on the wedding day.  The makeup will resist flawless for hours and will make you shine your world for the rest of your entire lifetime.  Apply primer to the skin before applying makeup. Use a quality primer from branded company which will make you glow all the time. Moreover, it helps in minimizing the appearance of unwanted spots and pores reducing and erasing all the imperfections on the face.  In addition to all these features, primer also repels water to make your makeup stays longer.

Now after primer, you are ready to apply the flawless makeup on the skin. It is recommended to everyone for airbrush makeup especially for brides. It is water based and lightweight with full coverage, without the greasy heaviness of full coverage makeup. Use flawless complexion kit but before airbrushing the foundation, apply a cream blush to the makeup on the cheeks and blend upwards into the temples using the fingers. This will give the illusion of blushing through your skin instead of just blush placed on the skin.

Then set the foundation and blush with a translucent powder. Prior to applying eyeshadow place a good amount of translucent powder below the eyes to protect from dark eyeshadow. This palette is ideal for fair to medium toned skin; for darker skin, use blacks or dark grays. After using mascara and/or applying lashes, use a waterproof black liquid liner, like Lakme Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, in between the upper lashes to create fullness and fill any gaps.

First, curl your lashes. Always. No exceptions. Second, apply a thin layer of waterproof mascara on your lashes prior to applying the false ones, so that the two will blend seamlessly together and give you that extra vavoom you’re looking for! Last, but certainly not least, your lips. Powder them. Blot them on a tissue. Apply lip liner to hold your lipstick in place. Add the lipstick, some gloss, blot again and voila!