Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

When it comes to our skin and hair, we care no more because of our busy and hectic schedules.  Everybody is concerning about their skin and looking forward for better solutions to keep the skin and hair healthy with few basic tips. Caring skin and hair is extremely crucial to prevent them from destroying. People’s negligence certainly destroys them.

By following simple and easy remedies, we can take care of our skin and hair on regular bases. They will definitely shine every time and looks beautiful if we pamper them on regular basis. People are just looking for overnight solutions for a changed appearance instantly.  All things are not possible in this world such as instant magic on skin and hair. They need proper time to rejoice the desired results on our skin and hair. Read out our blog further to get easy and quick tips to get a gorgeous skin and silky shiny and long hair.

Yogurt with Orange Halves

First of all, take some iced curd and massage the skin. Cover surface of the skin with some sugar same spot. Swab orange halves on the skin until granulate fade. Rinse off the skin with cold water after some time. See the magic! This method is ideal for people who have oily and dull skin.

Papaya with Oats

Take some oats and mix it with honey, milk to make a scrub. Before scrub the skin, massage it with papaya. Use cold milk and water to wash off it. Pat it dry. This is an amazing method which is useful for people who have tired and dry skin.

Lemon Spray

Take two lemons and cut them into slices. Squeeze them in a bowl and blend it with two cups of water. Now boil the mixture and let it be cool. Transfer the extract into a spritz bottle and apply it on your hair whenever you want. This is one of the best and easy to make spray which is ideal for people who are suffering from frizzy hair.

Rosemary Sprigs with Black Tea

Take a few rosemary sprigs and boil them with two cups of water. Add two tbsp of black tea in it. Mix this extract with your shampoo in ¼ amounts whenever you go for head bath. Allow it to be for fifteen minutes and watch the magic it would. For people who have brownish tinge in the hair, they can use this solution rather than henna or dying.

Sea Salt with Olive Oil

One cup of sea salt has to be mixed with half cup of olive oil and five drops of sandalwood oil. Mix them well and store them in a jar. Apply this solution on the region of the body wherever you want. Use wet towel to wipe off. If you have problem to wear a low back blouse, choli or backless dress, this body scrub would makes a quick smooth back for you. Let’s try it!