99 Institute – A Gateway to Aesthetic Beauty and Spa Industry

Beauty and Spa is growing rapidly in all around the globe but there are scarcity of beauty experts and makeup artists all around. Considering increasing demand of beauty experts in the market, 99 Institute has organized a base for people to become professionals.  Also it seems to be a helping hand in the Indian economy where unemployment is a major lacking factor in the development and progress of country.

Our Main Objective

Our main objective is to enhance candidate’s knowledge skills in providing facial therapies and makeup tips. 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness is a name other than to quality and is snatching the clients and customers by attracting them with our genuine rated and quality beauty services in Punjab, India.

Tips for Salon Management

At 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness, Candidate get prepared for owning his own salon. A complete salon management courses let him know how to follow special health and safety measures in the salon which makes the employees and workers comfortable for working.  Also, have a professional idea how to deal with clients and make them comfortable by communicating with them about their beauty and makeup issues. Let them know how they can cure their skin and hair, make them glowing all the time.

Salon Duties

Candidates come to know all their responsibilities related to beauty services and satisfying their customers. At the reception, there are few parameters for candidates to learn about.  How to welcome clients and customers, your friendly welcoming nature will call them again and again. Any visitor to the salon can be our potential customer, so we need politeness in our communication.

Facial Skin Care

At 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness, a complete facial skin care tips and beauty tips are taught at the organization. Building up a top notch place to learn beauty and makeup skills under the guidance of beauty experts, 99 Institute is offering an open environment to explore beauty and makeup skills to the candidates. Overall, 99 Institute is inviting new candidates who are interested in beauty and wellness to grow rapidly in beauty and wellness industry.

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